Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LOOK! A Writing Challenge!

So once again, the lovely Sandra Bunino tagged me!  This time she's tagged me for a writing challenge.  The challenge is to find all the "LOOK"s in your current WIP, pick your favorite three, and post the paragraphs that contain them.

I've done my homework and found that in just the first few chapters of my book alone, there are FIFTY-SIX...that's 56 "look"s in some form.  So I chose 3 that use the base word and have vowed to weed some of those out when I go through edits.


The first thing I felt was nausea. I tried to speak words of comfort to settle Amber down, but nothing came out, and I still couldn’t look at her. I heard footsteps and turned to my own door to see a man lean down and console Amber behind me. He said that 911 had been called and try to remain still and calm. That was when I could see the truck that must have hit us some feet away.


When I could look again, a man stood before me. A man with wings.


I spun back around and sat at the furthest empty table I could find that was close to the hallway I would exit through to sit out of sight of the rest of these idiots. I didn’t look back at him, but could feel his gaze still on me and remembered the stunned look on his face when I blew up at him. I thought it would be more satisfying to actually have the nerve to fight back, but honestly it just made me depressed. I don’t think I wanted to know just how despicably people thought of me. I also didn’t want to think about how much worse things could get now that they’d actually gotten a rise out of me.


Now I get to choose five victims -- well I suppose I should call them lucky nominees or something :P -- to also fulfill the challenge...and they shall be:

1. Kari Pinasco
2. Tara Lain
3. Michelle Leighton
4. Hailey Edwards
5. Cassandra Carr

Happy hunting! :D

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