Wednesday, January 23, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Blood on the Moon by Cassiel Knight

Thanks to Juniper Grove Book Solutions for hosting this blog tour. Please welcome Cassiel Knight as she talks about her book Blood on the Moon! Don't forget to follow the rest of the tour!


What sets your book apart from other books in the same genre?

This is an excellent question and really hard to answer. It’s hard simply because there are so many books in my genre that it is hard to really stand out. The story itself is unique since it focuses on Egyptian mythology and the children of the Egyptian Gods and Goddess plus brings in some of their legends. And I’m setting it in exotic places which is fun for the armchair traveler. While those things are great, overall, Blood on the Moon stands out is because of my heroine, Mia Langdon.

Sure, she’s tough with a heart of gold, but she’s more than that. I crafted her to be a strong confident woman that I think many of us (I know I do!) secretly long to be. She’s in control, for the most part, of her own destiny and her life. She makes her own choices and will live with the consequences but she’s smart enough to usually make the right choices. And can handle herself when she makes the bad ones.

Although it wasn’t explored in this book as much, she has sexual freedom as well. She’s not a shrinking violet afraid of sex but embraces her sensuality wholeheartedly. She’s not beautiful but striking and isn’t afraid to use her womanly wiles to get what she wants.

She may not appeal to some readers because while I wouldn’t call her perfect, she’s not every woman. Mia has the freedom I think many of us long for – the freedom to do what we want and when we want. And the resources to do it.

I hope, if you read Blood on the Moon, you’ll agree. I’d love to hear your thoughts here or at my site.


About the Author
In the job that pays the mortgage and allows her to indulge in her real passion, writing, Cassiel Knight works for Clackamas County in the beautiful state of Oregon. Crazy- passionate about the romance writing industry, Cassiel has a paranormal romance series featuring fallen angels and demons, an urban fantasy novella and a new paranormal romance series that started this fall with Champagne Book Group. She writes paranormal romances with kick-assitude that blend archeology and mythology – just a few of her favorite things.

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Blood on the Moon Available Now!

Mia Langdon—tomb raider and adventure-seeker—has everything she wants. Freedom. Independence. No chains (a.k.a. a man). Her troubles begin when she’s attacked on a dig in Peru. Soon, she’s forced to use her tomb raiding talents to find the flaming arrows of an Egyptian goddess. In the wrong hands, this weapon could destroy the human race—and nearly had.

Used to doing things her own way, it isn’t long before she figures out that she needs the help of Harrison Braden Stanton, her stuffy, but so yummy, Egyptologist and ex-lover. There’s one problem. He despises what she does. As Mia and Harrison find themselves in the middle of a battle between the Egyptian gods and goddess, there’s no choice for the woman with a Grand Canyon-sized independence streak and the man working for the Egyptian god, Osiris, but to work together to prevent the destruction of all they love.

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