Wednesday, March 5, 2014

REVIEW: Wet for the Titan by Jennifer James


It's never good to piss off a goddess, even a minor one...

Telesto has been reasonably content as a member of Poseidon's harem, until he came along and ripped her free of her moorings, setting her adrift without gravity to keep her feet on the ground. She hadn't been looking for love, a relationship, or anything but a private room to retreat to in the castle. Now her fury has been unleashed, and she has no problem bringing an arrogant Titan back to Earth.

He's going to claim his mate whether she likes it or not...

Pyroeis has long been a wanderer, and a lucky hand of cards has gifted him with the one thing he always wanted, at the expense of what he never knew he needed. He'll travel to the ends of the universe if he must to convince Telly she belongs with him, and only him. Nothing will stand in his way, no creature, no matter how powerful, can stop this Titan from claiming his mate.

Title:  Wet for the Titan
Series:  Nymphs of New York
Book #: 0
Author:  Jennifer James
Approximate Book Length:  43 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


This was a neat little prequel. It is a lot shorter and more light hearted than Rock Hard and Wet, but that doesn’t take away from its impact. There’s more of the fun abilities that come with supernatural beings and I especially loved Pyro’s powers. YUM.

I was a little confused sometimes, but that’s just because I’m impatient. Everything is explained in due time, holding you in suspense as to what has everyone in an uproar at any given time. Some people’s tempers…lead to fun shinanigans.

The ending was pretty awesome. It was just cool and sexy. This quote ought to entice you into reading as their method sounds like some naughty supernatural fun: “First, let’s make some glass.”

Bottom Line:

Wet for the Titan is a prequel that will leave you in anxious anticipation for more in this delightfully fun and sinfully sexy series full of mythological awesomeness.



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