Saturday, March 29, 2014

REVIEW: Night Bird by Teresa Blue

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.***


Travis Howland washes up on the shores of Lost Isle and into the arms of an angel.

Known as the Night Bird, Emma Samson dedicates her afterlife to a solitary existence on Lost Isle, easing the passage of the dying. When she finds Travis weak and desperate, she gives him the only gift she has--a few more days to settle his affairs before his death.

Sorely lacking in faith, Travis lives life with no thought for the future. When his lovely rescuer claims he has died, he can't believe it. He must warn his father that their ship was plundered by a greedy business partner, but only a leap of faith can save him.

Together, Emma and Travis use his last few hours to avenge the traitorous deeds that torment him, and along the way discover that love can be found in any stage of life…even after death.


The story starts quickly, with Emma stumbling upon the washed up body of Travis, and as he asks for help, she makes a quick decision to grant him a little extra time. She fears how he’ll respond to her gift given the cost. Will he understand everything she has to tell him? Will he use his time wisely? Will he make the choice she finds herself yearning for him to make? She can only find out when he finally wakes, transformed.

I think it’s kind of a neat concept that the author portrays, but I feel its execution was messy. I spent the majority of the story trying to figure out and understand the big picture of what exactly they were and what that meant for them. Despite the bits and pieces of the backstory and buildup, I felt no real connection to either character other than some pity for the circumstances surrounding both of their deaths and resulting afterlives. The romance also felt opportunistic and superficial, and I was disappointed that we never even got to see them fully explore it. The only particular part I liked was the resolution in the last page or two. Unfortunately, it is with a heavy heart that I must say this one fell flat with me and I just didn’t enjoy it at all.

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