Friday, February 22, 2013


I have RM Garcia with me here today to share a bit about himself and his book, The Foundlings. Please help me give him a warm welcome!


3 Questions with RM Garcia

1) Tell us about yourself and your background.
Well I was born and raised in New Jersey. My Family and I lived in and around the cities of Newark and Elizabeth. I have two siblings, and five step-siblings, so you can say I came from a large extended family. My childhood was split between the dreary streets of NJ and the Caribbean island paradise of Puerto Rico. At an early age I began writing stories and jotting down ideas. I’m an avid gamer and tabletop role-player, and these hobbies helped me learn how to chain together plots and characters. My best job ever was a nearby library branch. It didn’t pay much, but it didn’t matter to me, and I worked there all through high school. This is where my love of books grew. I discovered great authors like Piers Anthony, Orson Scott Card, and Anne Rice. It was at this job that the concept for the Foundlings was created, but it wasn’t until many years later that I dedicated the time to write out the story in full.

2) Why write about vampires?
When I was first asked that question I did pause for a moment. The initial response that came to mind was, well I like vampires, but that answer didn’t seem to completely express why I enjoy writing about them. So I sought within myself a better answer, why was I writing about vampires? Like most authors I had a story to tell, but why tell mine. Then it hit me.

As of late, the vampire genre has been inundated with low rate movies and equally bad books. There have been a few standouts like the Underworld series, as well as the surprising popularity of Twilight, which vampire fans either love or despise. So I felt that the genre was lacking a great new story to take us into the next decade, and thus The Foundlings came about into publication.

Some people are saying that vampires are over, but the same can be said about werewolves. I haven’t seen or read any decent stand alone werewolf stories, but I have not had time to pick up Anne Rice’s Wolf Gift, yet. I’ve noticed that Zombiemania is seeing a rise in popularity right now. Shows/comics like the Walking Dead and movies/books like Warm Bodies and World War Z and bound to keep the Z lovers content for quite some time. Just don’t underestimate the Vampire. They are just as eternal as zombies, but sexier, can be just as savage as werewolves, yet smarter and hold an appeal that cannot be matched by any other paranormal creature. In short why do I write about vampires? Well, they’re just cool.

3) What can a reader expect to find in the Foundlings?
Well the Foundlings at its core, is a love story. Two people who struggle against unimaginable odds to survive and keep their love alive. I credit Anime as one of my influences, so it that respects you will find heart pounding action sequences. Yet pay special attention as you read the story, because you might miss something, there are layers that get peeled away as you read. I have often said that the Foundlings is like a cross between the Lost Boys and the Da Vinci Code, and most readers would agree with that description. One last little tidbit before I head off. In the pages of the Foundlings, you will find the reason why vampires exist. Most vampire stories just skip over that and portray them as just cursed blood sucking beings, but not in the Foundlings. There is a reason why they exist, and it is pretty diabolical. Only way to find out is to grab a copy, or win one, so good luck.


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The Foundlings

Donnie aimlessly drifted through the past year of his life, and often wondered if it was worth the effort to just keep trying. The events of the past year had left him near broken. That all changed the moment Abbie walked into his life. She was like an angel sent to lift up his soul from the darkness it now existed in. For a moment his future seemed brighter with her in his life, and he started to believe he could be happy. They never expected how much their lives would change once they are dragged into another world. A world of shadows which within exists a society hidden in plain sight; a world wroth with danger, where they aren’t welcomed at all. They are forced into this world of Vampires, where they find themselves little more than orphans, nothing more than Foundlings from the start. Donnie and Abbie now find their love and faith tested to their very limits, while someone or something else watches, waits and hopes.

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