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BLOG TOUR: Glow in the Dark by Keira Kroft

Thanks to Juniper Grove Book Solutions for hosting this blog tour. Have a peek into the writing process of Keira Kroft, author of Glow in the Dark.


Do you have a writing pattern (place, time, etc.) that you follow each day or does the writing decide what type of day it will be?

The answer to your question is not exactly simple. My reply is...yes and no. I find that I write best first thing in the morning. However...

I found that I could bottle that concept, by simply taking a nap and then having a cup of coffee. My brain works best when it is still a bit foggy but rested and caffeinated. Does that make sense?

Side note: I have also learned that I don’t want to get drunk while writing. Making jokes about becoming Hemmingway is not so cute when you read your drivel the next day and have to erase hours of work, because it is drunken babble that seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now that we know all my quirks, let me tell you how I went from someone that was just scribbling, to a “writer”. I became an author the day I realized that I really did have time to write. One beautiful day, I expressed to my husband that becoming a full time writer was the career I had chosen for myself, if only I had the time to write. My hubby of course, because he is wonderful, offered to watch our daughter during the day on weekends and do all our running around and other things we did on Saturdays and Sundays, so that I could write. So I was getting 16 hours of work completed on the weekends. But, then we opened our Comic Book store and there went my weekends.

I still did in-home child care at the time for a living during the week 5am to 7pm, sometimes longer. So no hope of getting writing done then, right? Wrong. The kids took a nap every day from 2pm to 3pm. I would take advantage of the quiet and eat lunch and watch my favorite Soap opera, General Hospital. One day I was wishing that I could get back to writing again. Then it hit me like a smack in the head! If I got to work right after the first kids arrived in the morning, because they went right back to bed anyway and if I didn’t watch a soap opera every day, I actually did have time to write! Obviously that was an hour a day, three hundred-sixty five hours a year that I could have been writing. So I shut off the TV and moved my piece of pie to the desk and got to work and I have done that every day since. I never went back to my soap opera and I have forty pieces of work in progress, two published stories and two due out very, very soon.

So the answer is... I write whenever and wherever I can but I work best if I get up at 5am and plunk away, while it’s completely quiet and I am in my best state of mind. But so far knock on wood; I do not have a problem with writing, at all.


About the Author
Keira carries a vet assistance degree. Her love for animals is as great as her love of people. She gives a percentage of her personal book sale profits to the animal welfare league. Residing in a quiet suburb in the outskirts Chicago with her husband and daughter she spends any spare time she has working with her cats Scamper and Sawyer, to achieve total world domination, one shared Twinkie at a time. Her passions include Reading, Writing, Football, Comic Books and Family.

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Determined to be out from under her mother’s ruling and away from a no-good soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, Corey Nolan exercises her independence. With a place to call her own and a job that doesn’t pay well but makes her happy, her life is full and her young daughter is content. There is no room for distractions, until she meets a local firefighter—who stirs an immediate forbidden attraction. In need of control, she tries to ignore Jake Gilroy, but circumstances bring her closer to him when someone is hell-bent on destroying her.

Dutiful playboy Jake is known as the smoking hot fireman. The first time he sets eyes on Corey, he knows he wants her. But when threats and strange occurrences start to happen, he finds the need to protect her and give more than he’s ever given any other woman.

Being together becomes more than they bargained for when their desire for each other becomes a matter of life and death….

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