Saturday, December 22, 2012

REVIEW: Nailed to the Wall by Jayne Rylon


Mike and his crew have formed a bond based on love and lust, leading them to work hard, and play harder together. They’ve all since found women that complete their lives in every way, but desires to start families threaten the way of life they’ve built. Will the passion they’ve all shared just fade away? The women decide it’s time to band together and prove to their men that they’re up for anything. They conspire to take their men as horny hostages using boudoir photos, a pillow fight, and a calculated experiment into partner swapping. But can they go through with it, even with everything on the line?

Title:  Nailed to the Wall
Series:  Powertools
Book #: 5
Author:  Jayne Rylon
Approximate Book Length:  119 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


With everyone having found their “mate” so to speak, now we get to the fun stuff, the actual relationships between everyone and how they’ve all progressed. The women really get the spotlight as a group now as they conspire to both spoil and torment their men. They all get to experiment with each other’s men, and Devon and Kayla get to explore what was hinted at and began in the last book. Really exciting in the heat department.

The other element to these stories has always been the emotion. Some stories have had more than others, and in different ways, but this one has a LOT of emotion as everybody steps just a little out of their comfort zone to strengthen their bond as a group. There’s also individual touches such as one or two couples wanting to start a family. That’s where the emotional investment gets the strongest for me, and all I can say is wow.

In Conclusion:

Bringing together the first four stories and outdoing them entirely, Nailed to the Wall is an emotional rollercoaster ride. I laughed, I cried, and of course got all hot and bothered too. Best yet in the series, it’s an awesome addition to anyone’s TBR list!



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