Wednesday, July 19, 2017

REVIEW: Lover Mine by JR Ward


Darius, a fallen Brother, has returned to the fold with a new identity and a very different destiny. Now, John Matthew, plunged into the heart of war, must face off against evil incarnate-and rescue his one true love.

Title:  Lover Mine
Series:  Black Dagger Brotherhood
Book #: 8
Author:  JR Ward
Approximate Book Length:  673 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Moderate


I like JM a lot and Xhex has some hidden depths to her. Lash is a real twisted mofo. I had originally skipped most of Lash's parts, but I've read them now and it's mostly just craziness.

We do get to see what happens when a bonded male loses it and whoa! Blay and Quinn turn a corner in their relationship and not exactly in a good way. Payne enters into the story in a bigger way, we meet Xhex's mom, and we see more of Tohr's return to civilization.

We also meet a new male that has a lot of possibilities for the future. I can't wait to see how Murhder comes into play!

Bottom Line:

Lover Mine is an emotional roller coaster through closer and healing. An unlikely couple is endearing while other characters are just beginning their own journeys.



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