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GUEST POST: Brothers of Rock by Karolyn James

Please welcome Karolyn James today as she talks about her Brothers of Rock series. Happy reading!


I cannot believe the success of Brothers of Rock! What started with rock band Chasing Cross (and five books) then became another five books with the current band, Fallen Tuesday! I am on the verge of the 5th book release, featuring a sexy drummer named Mack.

Right now I want to post the blurbs for all five in the series and then I have a HUGE announcement!


The last thing the lead singer of a rock band wants to hear is that he shouldn’t sing anymore. This is the reality for Luke Nolan, just as Fallen Tuesday is breaking big. With a tour, an album, and money on the line, Luke can’t imagine his life – or his band – not continuing to follow their dream. Even at the expense of his own health.

Amy is an expert at hiding. She hides the frustration of working in her uncle’s restaurant. She hides her dreams of having her own place one day. Most of all, she hides the fact that there’s a debt on the restaurant that could cost her and her uncle everything.

Together, Luke and Amy share a wild passion that leaves them both breathless. Can their hearts and dreams survive the secrets they’ve been keeping?


The party for guitarist Gray Reish comes to a quick end when he receives news that his brother is in the hospital after an overdose. This isn’t shocking news to Gray, but it’s the final straw and the rockstar is determined to save his brother. In order to do that, he must find out who has been supplying him, even if it costs Gray his life.

After her life savings is stolen from her apartment, Carina Lewitt feels trapped. All she has now is her keyboard, some songs, and too many dreams to count.

When Gray meets Carina, there’s an instant connection. But the more they talk, the more Gray realizes just how much Carina has lost in her life, making him rethink plenty in his own life. With life and love hanging in the balance, can a lonely woman tame a rockstar’s heart?


Getting bailed out of jail feels like nothing more than a giant cliché for bassist Trent Jensen. When faced with a dose of reality – and a blast from the past – he loses his cool one more time, which becomes the final time. The image of Fallen Tuesday is quickly becoming tarnished and it’s up to Trent to fix it. Anyway possible.

When Emily Unther promised to care for her nephew, Nicholas, she had no idea it would come with a rebellious attitude, an almost deadly fire, and plenty of visits from police and lawyers. Hopeless, Emily needs to do something to protect her nephew from himself. Even if that means trusting that his new mentor can teach him a few good lessons.

Since the moment they met, Emily can’t shake the fantasy of the badboy rockstar, but then she watches Trent with Nicholas. Can Trent possibly be the male guidance Nicholas needs while being the lover Emily desires? Or will hearts be broken by a rockstar finding his way through life?


There’s no easy way to put it as guitarist Jake Collins confesses to the band that an old fling – one who almost ruined the band – is now pregnant with his child. Fallen Tuesday is weeks away from an album launch and tour, and it leaves Jake looking for an exit… from everything. Mel Burhden just wants to find her father and ask him why he left. Working two jobs and fighting her emotions on a daily basis, the last thing she expects to find is a sexy, half-naked rockstar in a hotel room she’s there to clean. As Jake and Mel begin to confide in each other, their affection grows to depths beyond just physical. But will she be able to accept another woman in his life while Jake becomes the rockstar the world wants and the man Mel needs?


With his tough demeanor and biker appearance, nobody would ever believe that drummer Mack was still grieving the loss of the only woman he ever loved. On yet another anniversary of her passing, Mack takes to the road to grieve and hate the world.

Laura Pettres only knows how to run. Commitment is not an option because that means moving on… and moving on means letting go and forgetting what she lost. Out of hope – and out of gas – she’s on the side of the road waiting for a sign.

It’s supposed to be nothing more than an understanding. Two people who are in pain but enjoy each other’s company. A rockstar and a brokenhearted woman. Can their two hearts be mended around the emptiness and pain from loss that won’t go away?


NOW for some news!

Coming in 2015… the Brothers of Rock series will yet again continue for another year! That means another five books following another amazing rock band! And the name of the band is… *drumroll* … *drumroll* … *drumroll* … *drumroll* …

Gone by Autumn

I LOVE the name. And I LOVE the series already. The first book is coming out the end of January 2015!

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