Saturday, October 4, 2014

REVIEW: Everlong by Hailey Edwards

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.***


A princess in a cruel monarchy, Madelyn’s life is anything but perfect – until her guardian sacrificed his life to hide her and her half-sister in a realm full of opportunities. Years later, Maddie’s been living in a colony of humans and escaped slaves as her guardian’s widow, only to suddenly discover that he had a great many secrets, including a brother. Meeting Clayton opens Maddie's eyes to things she never dared imagine – just as news arrives that her “mate” may yet be alive, forcing her to make the choice between the man she always thought she knew and loved and the demon aching to lend her his wings.


This story was a pleasant surprise. There’s no cheat sheet or anything for the world, so you just learn as you go, which is very easy given that the book largely takes place in a human setting, just centers on the demonic characters. I hadn’t read the blurb before jumping right in, so I didn’t know quite what to expect and once I started reading, I started formulating my theories on where it was going. Totally went in a different direction, as right about the time I’m getting into a groove with understanding the world Madelyn lives in, she leaves it! Right as I think I know how the romance will bloom, her guardian abruptly dies (supposedly).

Following his death, Madelyn is heartbroken and living in a fog, leaving her sister Emma to be the strong one and take care of her and everything else. Once the big secret (among others) of Clayton’s existence is blown, Emma and Madelyn lock horns because Maddie suddenly no longer needs Emma to protect her so much. This only culminates in even more fun towards the end, leaving me twitchy to read the next book (Emma’s story).

Clayton and Madelyn are really cute together, and the tension they muddle through is both funny and just plain hot. Every close call that gets interrupted left me laughing a little and saying “aww, come on!”. Theirs is a journey of awkward confessions, sweet innocence, and steamy exploration.

Hailey Edwards weaves a stunning tale full of surprises as a rescued princess and renowned demon struggle to reconcile everything they believed with everything that now lies before them for the taking, if they only have the courage. If you like reading sweet and spicy romance among a benevolent demonic race, you must go read this book!

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