Saturday, August 9, 2014

REVIEW: Soul Weaver by Hailey Edwards

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.***


Suffering from agoraphobia after a horrific car accident, Chloe lives at her bookstore and spends her nights plagued by nightmares. A mysterious stranger, Nathaniel, offers her some help, but she senses there’s something more to him. Nathaniel grows weary of his existence reaping souls, but uses his abilities to save a woman in a car accident, unknowingly changing both their fates. Now drawn into a conflict neither ever sought to be involved in, they must fight the demons of Hell for a love they never thought possible.


We get right down to it as the book opens up, when Nathaniel happens upon Chloe dying in the wreckage of a car crash and uses his special abilities to save her life. That scene alone shows just the kind of grey area that good and evil will fall under in this book, as well as the endless possibilities that are inherent throughout the story.

Chloe’s fear of leaving her home presents frequent problems, but Nathaniel’s determination to save her and their growing attraction will drive them both to step out of their comfort zones and do the previously unthinkable. While I enjoyed the relationship between Chloe and Nathaniel, it was really the world that was the most interesting aspect of this book. The attention to detail that Hailey pays in building it is great. The different beings, how Nathaniel travels and how he reaps souls, how he weaves wings, and even how he saves Chloe in the very beginning, just so neat. It’s hard to describe out of context, so all I’ll say is go read!

That being said, maybe I’m just simple minded, but I couldn’t always follow the hellish politics and the hierarchy that was such as part of the conflict, but as confused as I sometimes was on that front, I still got the gist of the danger and intrigue and could appreciate the gravity of the resolution. The romance was nice and gradual, and the heat was of the sensuality classic to the author’s style. While it wasn’t my favorite work of Hailey Edwards, it was still a really great, enjoyable story.

Soul Weaver takes you to a new world where the very fabric of life is seen in a new light. You’ll find action, intrigue, and romance in this recommended paranormal read!

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