Saturday, May 24, 2014

REVIEW: Summer's Journey - Losing Control by Summer Daniels

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.***


Come join me on my journey and find out why! Fortyish, newly divorced, searching and longing for something different. Something fulfilling and exciting, somewhere far outside my ordinary comfort zone. Come with me on my journey of discovery. Explore with me. Touch, taste and feel with me. Lots more to come following my introduction to you in this first volume of a multi-part True Romance / Erotica series.


It didn’t occur to me until a few pages in that this is essentially an autobiography. We experience life through Summer’s eyes as she’s reaching out to rediscover herself after a long stagnant marriage. From trying to get back into the dating world to finding a surprising candidate, it’s an exciting, heartfelt, and very real trip through an honest woman’s mind. It’s very short as it’s only the beginning, so I won’t say anything more than I really can’t wait to see just what all Mark has in store for her, and what she’ll find within herself. Any woman, married, single, taken, ANY WOMAN should take an interest in Summer’s Journey as we all might just learn something.

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