Saturday, February 8, 2014

REVIEW: Lust and Longing by Naomi Bellina

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.***


Lust and Longing is a collection of six short stories, a couple of which are VERY short. Each story varies in heat level, so there’s a little bit for every mood you might be in.


These stories really only have one thing in common, and from the title you can guess what it is – a stroke of lust or a personal longing is involved for one reason or another for each main character. Beyond that, every story is different making for a very interesting read.

AN AFTERNOON AT THE LIBRARY is a story about a girl doing research at the library to take her mind off all the sex she’s no longer having. She sees a hot guy and decides to make a move. When he mentions he’s seeing someone, instead of backing off, she invites the third party, not knowing what she was in for. Another ménage story (oh happy day!) that’s fun and sweet, this story has an ending that leaves you wishing it was a longer story so you could keep reading.

LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU is a very different story than I was expecting. A girl who is essentially a prostitute in a time or world (that’s not all that clear) where there are kings and lords is contracted to kill the prince. This story has some intrigue and violence, but mostly some twists and turns I didn’t see coming. It was a surprisingly enjoyable little read, but not exactly in the romance or smut department.

ONE MORE TIME is the shortest story in here, only spanning one page. A girl and guy who’ve broken up have one last go around. It’s short, but sexy none the less. It’s almost funny even!

THE HOME FOR WARWARD WOMEN is a story that actually left me feeling dirty just for having read it, and not in a fun way. It’s a club where women are collected like a second chance shelter – they agree to reside there and behave in return for not going to prison. Men can join at a high price, and the man we follow intends to pay the price any way he can. It’s like a high class whore house with questionable consent on the women’s part I felt they were degraded, and I was just really uncomfortable reading this one in particular.

COMPUTER REPAIR SPECIAL is a story about a woman doing a writing project when her computer crashes leading her to call a repair man. He arrives and she finds him hot, so she decides to do him for a little inspiration. It truly was a little quickie, but the ending was still kind of surprisingly sweet.

THE IMPORTANCE OF READING LABELS is a story with a little magic in it. A girl steals her professor’s stash of angel dust, only to discover it’s actually a modified version of demon dust. She’s left so horny she’s insatiable. It was sexy even if it was a “just do the first guy you see on the street” kind of situation, but more importantly, I found it kind of funny. The phrase “instant karma” came to mind as I read!

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