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BLOG TOUR: The Reversing Worlds Trilogy by JT Brown

Thanks to Bewitching Book Tours for hosting this blog tour. I have JT Brown here talking about The Reversing Worlds Trilogy. Welcome!


The Reversing Worlds Trilogy

The Reversing Worlds Trilogy, holds a special treasure within the stories. It is based on an actually place in Downeast, Maine. I recognized this phenomenon when I was a child, lobster/crap fishing with my father. Although, Reversing Falls leaves many people wondering what causes the small whirlpools and the rough terrain. It is a dangerous place that most avoid, but for the Maine fishermen this is a place where they can’t avoid, it is a passage through to greater waters. The creation of Reversing Worlds was actually created years ago, it just took a while to catch up to me. I remember as a child, holding tight to the stern as the boat shifted through the water tornadoes, pushing us side to side, as we made our way through. I remember looking over the side wondering and wanting to tell my tale of the reversing ocean’s tide. Most people see the long and uneasy tides as part of the ocean. I could see a mystery, a forbidden place that reverses all roles and leaves a tale to be told, maybe in a paranormal fantasy sense. But – All in all, it is Harper’s legends of the Reversing Worlds.

Sometimes stories do not leave your soul until you are able to bleed your thoughts on paper. The Reversing Worlds Trilogy has been a huge learning curve for me, and it has taken me a while to catch up to the ideas of being self-published. It has been many times that I wanted to give up, but knowing that self-discovery is the key to your soul. It is important to chase something that follows you everywhere you go. I never thought of myself as a writer, until I realized that there is so many untold stories in my mind. Writing is a piece of me that I can ignore, but why? – Every tale should be told. Right?

I am fortunate, I live near the ocean, where all my writing are inspired from. I look at Maine as though it is my paint palette, I strike my brush in the needed colors and paint my latest visions. I am a huge outdoor person, a simple walk can create the most fascinating terrifying character through the lands of Pasmaqon. I think this is the same for a lot of writers, it is seeing an inspiration and running with it.

Pasmaqon, is a hidden land that was created from a magical book, which Caroleen found as a child over a hundred years ago. She disappeared from this world, and everyone around her thought that she had expired in the river connected to the ocean. When Harper was scrounging through old antiques in her mother’s hope chest, she found the book, and forced the clasp open. What Harper did not expect is to find herself in a world of wonder and magic.

The darkness of Pasmaqon learns of her presence and know that she has traveled through the only portal. The darkness aware of the book and in hopes that it is once again in Pasmaqon. She found herself not only adjusting to the magical lands, but learning her own power keeping her safe from the darkness that lurks around every corner hot on her keeps. The darkness is the lost souls struggling to conquer Pasmaqon. The dark creature’s holds a cover of invisible vises, and sometimes their ghost figure can hold the image of a wolf. Both are powerful, the only problem is, they cannot be vanished, they are already dead.

Harper battles the invisible vices to protect Pasmaqon, as she battles a never ending battle of the dead. The secrets of the lands are exposed, but is it enough for Harper and her friends to find freedom. Maybe they are prisoners of the land, like all of the other lost souls? Maybe they are more powerful then they think? Maybe there is a reason they are there together? Maybe it is already rehearsed in the book? Who Knows?

You will find out at the end of June, 2013.

To learn more about Pasmaqon’s characters, take a peek at this video.

Also, War of the Reversing Worlds, Trilogy Two, Part II’s book Trailer:

As well, as footage of the Reversing Falls, Pembroke, Maine:

I visit this place often, just because the ocean heals my soul, and my thoughts are at their peak, when I sit there and watch the reversing motions of the falls.

Do you remember Queen Caroleen’s families Inn. Where she grew up and where she wrote in all of the journals. This is an actual place as well. It sets off from the Denny’s River, in Dennysville, Maine. This big old house always brought me to the thoughts of Queen Caroleen. Only to find out after I wrote “The legend of Harper and the Reversing Worlds, Trilogy One,” that a young girl back in the 1800’s actually fell through the ice here near this house. She was never found, and legends say that her spirit still combs the shores where the river meets the ocean. Kind of a surreal moment, to think that you have written something that has actually happened a hundred years ago.

When you look in the picture, you can see the large rocks near the river’s side – this is where I always pictured Caroleen writing in her many journals and books.


About the Author
J.T. Brown is a paranormal fantasy/science fiction author, who lives in Downeast, Maine. J.T. has always been drawn to the ocean, maybe because she spent most of her days on her father’s lobster boat as a child, or maybe it’s the phenomenon that shakes her cage daily. The Reversing Falls, which sits on the coast of Maine has always sang its mysteries across the twisting currents of the ocean, but for J.T. that song has always been a tale, waiting to bleed its story across the pages of “The Reversing World’s Trilogy.”

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The Legend of Harper and the Reversing Worlds The Reversing Worlds Trilogy One

Harper Grogen has no idea that she is the most powerful creature in Pasmaqon. She recognizes that she is different from other eleven year olds; maybe a little quirky, but magical was not in her self-description.

Her inquisitive notion drove her to an old tattered book which held a mysterious stone. Struggling to open the clasp, releasing the stone as, it radiates a glow across her room.

She kept the rock in her pocket for secrecy.

Her possession of the stone sent her to a world, which had been hidden under the ocean's fire tornado of “'Reversing Falls.”

She found herself fighting for her life in a land that is its own worst compelling character, not knowing who to trust, only the estranged friends that she meets along the way. Oliver, which holds his cover as a trustworthy gnome, and Minsty, a large gentle giant that protects her from the dark creatures, who roam and strip the lands with their ghostly evil presence.

She discovers that her adventure holds the key of eternity. She learns her existence is a true mystery that sings along the pages of her ancestor’s mysterious book.

Tide’s Ghost of the Reversing Worlds The Reversing Worlds Trilogy Two Part I

The words whisper along the pages of the old tattered book showing its deceitful powers, only to harm what is in its path to Harper’s treasures. Harper has learned the secrets of Pasmaqon and has grown into her powerful magical being which is her strongest power of all. She is prepared to fight the villains of Pasmaqon, yet she is not prepared to fight her past villains that chose to find the only leak to the powerful lands beyond.

Harper is about to sacrifice her life in a battle of the unknown as, she protects who she thought she would never consider as equals. She realizes the battle is non-other without their help. Wizard of Tide’s power has grown stronger, uncovering the secrets of Pasmaqon. To use his new found freedom to destroy the worlds around them. Harper discovers an old friend that carries the secrets of the book and the world. She unfolds the meaning that she longed to find, only to discover the darkness pulls her into a whirlwind of her own worst fears.

War of the Reversing Worlds The Reversing Worlds Trilogy Two, Part II

Harper needs to find her warrior within, and face not only Tide’s Ghost, the darkness, but Wizard Argon. Who has stripped the land of Pasmaqon of its beauty and its power, only to strengthen his own land of Thurrobia.

Nothing has been left behind – only ghost spirits that had surrendered themselves to the powerful force of Wizard Argon. Pasmaqon is left powerless with only the spirits of the past.

The mysteries bleed its phenomenon off from the pages of Mystical Book, as the terror and the ghost dance with the mysterious tune. That sends Harper into a whirl wind spin tossing her to learn the truth behind the cover of the storm.

Is war the only answer?

But…..How can you fight something that is already dead, how can you weaken the weak, and how can you save a land that has already in silence.

Harper can now trust no one or anything, for she may never know who is watching from behind. Harper’s powers mean nothing to the unseen.

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