Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Set of Reviews

So I read a book by Tara Lain and thoroughly enjoyed it, and started seeing her around FB and blogs and stuff a lot, and decided I wanted to read more and get more involved.  I know I haven't posted much (if any) M/M romance on here before now, but I greatly enjoy the genre, and Tara is one of the best authors I've seen within it.  She writes about Beautiful Boys, and she does it exquisitely.

I'm part of her "Dream Team" which is her street team that helps out with promo etc. and I've decided that instead of trying to rearrange my schedule, I'd simply make time to post reviews of her books.  So, every Monday, until I run out of her books, I'm going to post a review of one of her works.  I'll start with the Genetic Attraction (which is actually mostly menage -- yum!) series, then focus on her Balls to the Wall series, and end on her stand alone stories.  Spell Cat will wait until just before her guest spot on the blog, but may get done sooner if she gets the next book in that series out before then *wink*

Then I'll either spotlight some other books or just settle down on Monday reviews (fat chance of that, I'm a review writing addict apparently...seriously my husband laughs at me).

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