Wednesday, September 2, 2015

REVIEW: Forsaken by SJ Harper


Join Agents Emma Monroe and Zack Armstrong.
She protected him. He loved her.
They can trust one another with their lives, but what about their hearts?

Special Agent Emma Monroe is a Fallen Siren seeking redemption. Thousands of years ago, she was banished from Mount Olympus by Zeus and cursed by Demeter for failing to prevent the kidnapping of Persephone by Hades. Now she’s working for the FBI, seeking salvation while searching for and finding the missing. Her partner, Zack Armstrong, is a werewolf with a grievance of his own.

The former Black Ops sniper who once carried out a string of questionable assignments is atoning for his past. Ironically, Zack’s just discovered an important piece of his past has been magically wiped from his memory—an affair with Emma. It doesn’t matter she used the spell to save his life, that’s something he’ll never know. With trust eroded and love overshadowed by betrayal the only thing holding them together is the job.

When the son of multi-billionaire Roger Maitlan is kidnapped and his babysitter murdered in cold blood, Emma and Zack travel to New York to work the case. They go undercover, infiltrating a playground of private dungeons where those who are rich and powerful can live out fantasies without consequence. What they find is a conspiracy born of a twisted mind and fueled by greed. The clock is ticking. Will Zack and Emma be able to find the missing boy and their way back to one another?

Title:  Forsaken
Series:  Fallen Siren
Book #: 2.5
Author:  SJ Harper
Approximate Book Length:  135 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Moderate


*This book does not stand alone at all. I reveal no actual spoilers, but if you’ve not read the previous book, you’ll get an idea about the ending.*

This series has always kept me enthralled, even when it made me mad or sad. One of the reasons for that is the case the couple works through in each book. The mystery has always been very well done and well-paced, keeping me guessing and glued to the page. This time wasn’t as strong in that department, though it was still exciting and contained a curve ball or two.

However, with how the last book ended, I was mostly interested in Emma and Zack’s relationship. I was not left nearly as sad as I was in book two, though things are still sort of open ended. There were some steamy scenes that I appreciated, but ultimately I’m just rooting for them so hard that every obstacle and misunderstanding just makes me want to cry for them.

Bottom Line:

Forsaken is a quick interlude for Emma and Zack in the series, but it puts a much needed band-aid over the heartbreaking ending of book two. Don’t miss it!



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