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BLOG TOUR: All Bite No Growl by Jenika Snow

Thanks to Bewitching Blog Tours for hosting this blog tour. I'm sharing my review of Jenika Snow's All Bite, No Growl today. Happy reading!



Forget the foreplay. For the truly committed, it’s all bite.

Willow has loved Devon and Case for as long as she can remember, but as lion shifters they will eventually find their mates. When she allows herself to be with her two lions after a drunken party, she fears she’s ruined a lifelong friendship and flees before morning.

Devon and Case have been inseparable since they could walk, but they can’t tell anyone that they are mates. The pride of shifters they belong to won’t accept a same-sex mating. There’s no way they’ll accept their love for Willow?

When a shocking revelation brings Willow’s world crashing down, she has no choice but to tell Devon and Case how she feels. Will they be able to accept what fate has thrown at them? Do they want to?

Title:  All Bite No Growl
Series:  Out for You
Book #: N/A
Author:  Jenika Snow
Approximate Book Length:  70 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


So this was a sexy and even kind of a sweet read, but it was rather short. This could’ve been a lot more I think. Parts of it were a little melodramatic and I think the characters could have handled things and behaved a little bit better. The love scenes were hot, but on occasion a tad jumbled up. Keeping track of three bodies can make for some messy passages I suppose. What I really appreciated is that while yes there were love scenes and everything, there was plenty of story to go with it (relatively, given the length of the book).

Bottom Line:

All Bite, No Growl is a quickie with equal amounts of heart and heat. Don’t miss this MMF menage!




About the Author
Jenika Snow is the pseudonym of a mother, wife and nurse. She lives in the too hot northeast with her husband and their two daughters, and was able to have her dream come true in 2013 by writing full-time.

Jenika started writing at a very young age. Her first story consisted of a young girl who traveled to an exotic island and found a magical doll. That story has long since disappeared, but others have taken its place.

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