Saturday, January 25, 2014

REVIEW: Bound to the Tiger by Kate Hill

***This book was originally reviewed for Storm Goddess Book Reviews.***


Zane has been called upon to act as an ambassador between his weretiger clan and the female assassins who call themselves The Wakened Veils. He must work with the lovely but headstrong vampiress, Kesi. When she meets the handsome, blue-eyed weretiger, Zane, Kesi is overwhelmed by desire but knows a permanent relationship between them can never be. She will do everything in her power to keep from loving Zane, even if it means destroying him along with her heart.


I love the big cat shifters, so I was immediately drawn to this one and was excited about it. Zane definitely gets some face time in tiger form, so yay! We get a quick little look into the weretigers’ culture and everything, but mostly it’s Zane interacting with his dad, and then we move into the interaction with the Wakened Veils. We get a little background and insight into them as well, but most of that is personal exchanges between Kesi and her superiors who are also close friends.

A lot of the focus is on the “political” aspect of the relationship and what it means for them to work together and get along for both of their groups. Beyond that, the romantic focus was almost solely on Kesi. She’s got a tough past, which is how she came to be a Wakened Veil, but some of her behaviors seem very extreme even for someone with that past. However, I think they were so sweet and cute by the end of the book.

As far as the plot over all, I was happy with how much was provided of what the Wakened Veils actually do and all, but the premise of Zane and Kesi getting along so that they and the weretigers clan could have an alliance felt a bit weak. The two highest ranking people in the weretiger clan were already engaged to members of the Wakened Veils, so I didn’t understand why Zane and Kesi were so important.

It also felt that the story was too short. It felt a little like it was a sequel to another book with all the references made to certain characters, and the romance seemed a little quick and underdeveloped, because sometimes I felt invested in them while feeling a disconnect at other times. I think the bottom line about this book is that while it’s enjoyable and an interesting look into the world with a lot of loyalty, honesty, respect, and diversity represented, it really just seemed to fall a tad short of the potential it had.

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