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Finding Out

Finding out you’re pregnant can be shocking no matter what your circumstances. If you’re single, yeah that’s a hell of a shocker. If you’re with someone, it could be a scary situation if you don’t know how they’ll react or if you’re ready to go where that road will lead. If you’re married, you could be happy, but maybe scared if it’s sooner than you would have planned. If you’re married and trying, it’s still a shocker because you’ve likely gotten at least a few negative tests and when the positive one comes up you just don’t quite believe it.

I was that last one. We started trying to get pregnant at the end of August 2012, and naturally being hopeful, I tested every month if I didn’t start within 24 hours of when I expected to. 3 months go by with negative results. I knew it would probably take a while (a friend even warned me it took her like 18 months for one of hers), but it was still discouraging. Maybe that’s because of my past or maybe that’s just because I’m impatient and wanted my instant gratification, I don’t know lol.

Well the hubby and I had planned a trip to the west coast to visit some of his family for about the first 2 weeks of December. During that time we’d be staying with other people, so obviously not really any opportunities to, um…”try”. Due to that, I didn’t really worry about anything in terms of “trying” and being antsy to test and what the results might be. I expected another “red” month.

During the trip, Greg recovered from the Jet lag within about 3 or 4 days. I somehow did not. I was exhausted all the time, but being 3 hours off your normal time and being in the car or walking a lot can do that to a person, even one used to lots of walking. I was drinking tea whenever I could to try and stay awake.

Towards the end of the trip, one of his aunts took us on a wine tour. Before we went I even whispered to Greg “but what if I’m pregnant?” He responded it was unlikely and even if I was, it was early enough and we wouldn’t be drinking enough that it should be fine. I shrugged realizing he was right.

We bought 7 – yes SEVEN – bottles of wine. We gave 1 to his grandparents and the other 6 came home, 4 of which were for me (he likes red while I like white). For the record, we currently have 4 left. I didn’t get into mine, because once we got home I had other things to do and deal with. The biggest thing was babysitting my nephew for several days while my niece was born on December 20th.

Christmas Eve morning rolls around and I’m preparing to take some wine over to the in-laws to have with dinner and all. Then I realize my period was 2 days late. Figuring it was probably just stress with the trip and all around busy month, I took a test anyway, but tried not to expect anything.


Our first Christmas present was 2 little pink lines. I ran into our bedroom (all three steps), jumped on the bed and hugged the hubby. I remember we were excited, but at the same time kind of in shock. Yeah we wanted it, tried for it, but for it to be real was just very unreal.

We didn’t want to tell anyone until after seeing a doc for confirmation and all, so we sat through his family’s Christmas and mine trying to act as normal as possible, like we didn’t have this huge news just itching to burst out. I had to turn down wine, take the most well-done pieces of meat, etc. etc. and all without tipping anyone off that something was up. I even faked taking a sip of an alcoholic drink that was thrust in my face.

4 days after getting a positive test, I sat in the doc’s office waiting for her to dash my hopes and say the test was wrong. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. She gave me my estimated due date and I went on my way with plans to find and contact an OB.

We talked about it and looked it up online, and determined that the conception date was during the trip, which only had one possibility. We’re lucky enough to know just how and when our baby girl was conceived, but while it’s kind of cute and funny, it’s also pretty naughty and embarrassing so it won’t be shared o.o

Anyhoo…Now came the fun part of actually being pregnant and having to learn all the dos and don’ts that are involved. Despite getting the news that we were officially pregnant, we didn’t want to jinx it and tell everybody. Early pregnancy is probably the most volatile and fragile time, making it nerve racking and kind of scary right along with the excitement. I’ll talk about the first trimester as a whole in my next article.

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