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INTERVIEW: Wenona Hulsey

Wenona Hulsey is the author of the Blood Burden series, with a prequel novella, Blood Awakening, and the first novel-length book, Burden of Blood. Check out my review links, and see the blurb for the novella below.

I've followed Wenona Hulsey for months now, and she's so passionate about writing. It's really inspiring and I love how supportive she is of other authors as well, especially Indie authors! Being a fan, I was really excited when she was willing to sit and talk with me.

BK: What got you started in writing?
WH: Reading started my interest in writing. I enjoy losing myself in a good book, being swept away by magical worlds or exciting situations that put me on the edge of my seat so my reading evolved into wanting to create my own worlds to share with everyone else.

BK: I feel ya! So, what drove you to write about Fae specifically?
WH: I love Fairy legends and, luckily for me, it's not a saturated subject like vampires or shifters. It's a whole genre of book that is basically untouched so I have the opportunity to create my own story and not risk it sounding like someone else's idea.

BK: Too true about the vamps and shifters! So with the Fae and Irish theme, are you weaving any actual lore or fairytales in there, or going strictly on your own imagination?
WH: It's a mixture of both imagination and lore. A lot of Irish lore surrounds plants and trees native to the area so each plant that I name by name has a reason (usually explained) for being there. Most the Fae names and even Nicole's magical grandmother are from other fairytales.

BK: Blood Awakening was a novella, and you call Burden of Blood book 1 in the series. Why make a prequel instead of putting it in the novel as a prologue or something?
WH: Even though Blood Awakening comes before Burden of Blood in reading order it was actually written after Burden of Blood was sitting in my editor's hands. I felt like I needed to know what life was like for Nicole before all the warrior/fae drama so I wrote it down. It turned out to be a really great story but I felt like it was set so far in the past that it wouldn't work well as a prologue. So I published it just weeks before Burden and it has gotten a great reception.

BK: I bet it has, I know I thought it was a great little taste of what’s to come. Having just finished Burden of Blood, I’m looking forward to Blood of Fire. *Big hopeful smile* When’s that due out and what can we expect to see happen?
WH: Blood of Fire will be out this summer (2012) and you can expect a roller coaster ride!! Lots of new characters weave into this one along with the favorites from Burden of Blood. There will be some fighting for Nicole's hand too. **Sqweeeee** I love the love triangle!!

BK: Rhys appears to have a genuine affection for Nicole, will there be tension between him and Luke?
WH: Yes, Rhys would give his life for Nicole without a thought. But I think you will be pleasantly surprised at whom Rhys ends up with but I can't say too much about that. I don't want to spoil the fun for anyone.

BK: I have my theories, but I’ll keep them to myself. However, I would like to know if we’ve already met his HEA yet?
WH: Yes you have **wink wink** Very fitting match too.

BK: What are your plans for after the Blood Burden series?
WH: After I finish Blood of Fire and release it to ebook I'll be working on sending them for print publication. I've also been asked a few times if I will do a spin off to the Blood Burden Series and I've said maybe. It's an idea I've been playing with, I've even written a few pages, but I'm not sure how far it will go. I do want to try my hand at writing a few other genre's first but I'm sure at some point Nicole and Luke will start to speak another story to me that I can't ignore.

BK: What other genres are you interested in writing? I’d imagine it’ll be great if that mind of yours takes you on a ride that’s anything like what you’ve done with the Blood Burden series.
WH: I have a crime/suspense novel already written and waiting for me to do the second draft of. I really enjoyed writing it because I got to purposely play with my reader's mind. I never realized how much fun it could be to play the "who did it" game when your MC seems like he is going crazy. I think I would also like to try my hand at horror one day. Maybe write a real vampire story like they used to be with vamps as blood thirsty killers. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Twilight A LOT but we've lost what vamps were created as in the process.

BK: Last question. Who’s your favorite author and how have they influenced your writing?
WH: Oh! Picking a favorite author is so hard. I read all over the board from new Indies like Nichole Chase to traditionally published authors like Stephen King and Suzanne Collins. If it's an interesting book I read it. But if I had to pick I'd say H.P Mallory. Not for her writing, though it's very good, but for her drive and success as an Indie author. She's showing the world great books don't have to come from a big publishing house and I hope to make that point a bit bolder with my books.

Author Wenona Hulsey is a lover of all things written. When she was a child, you could find her reading anything from Edger Allen Poe to the back of cereal boxes. Today you will find her with an ebook reader glued to her hands except for the times when she is writing or spending time with her family.

Find her here.

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