Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm Writing, I Promise!

Ok, so I promise I am doing some writing that's not reviews!  However, the point I'm at right now is not very conducive to doing Six Sentence Sundays on a regular basis.

First, I am having trouble focusing on Earthbound Angel, mostly because there's death, sadness, and emotional struggles and I don't have the heart to throw myself into it just now.  Second, as I work on book 1 in the Power Surge series (still not sure how comfy I am with that title, what do you think?), I have some work to do before getting too far into the first draft.

I need to get inside all the central characters' heads and under their skin so I can make sure I portray them accurately, and I need to refine the world they live in (powers and limitations etc).  So all the background and profile writing isn't really SSS material, you know?  However, I promise to throw up tidbits when I get going on the actual manuscript again and/or when a fun or juicy scene pops into my head :D

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