Monday, February 13, 2012


So I'm several chapters in now, and I'm getting to the meat of it, but it's still an incredibly rough draft and I'm going to have to go through and do a LOT of editing and revising when I'm through...but every little bit counts as progress, right?  Anyway, as I posted on FB, I'm thinking of doing like a Six Sentence Sunday thing or something like it.  It'd help me stay on track to make sure I have something to post, and it might get a tad more traffic here.  I'm not exactly ready for a lot of traffic, being that nothing's published or anything, but a little wouldn't hurt.

I'm also still making strides in networking with other authors.  I've met some awesome people and am enjoying getting to know them and integrate into the indie community, even if I don't go that route.  My best friend and I are already planning on having a drink for every rejection letter we get as we at least attempt to go through a traditional publishing house.  That'll probably make the process a little easier to endure, eh?

Anyway, I have a ton of reading to do, both for research and leisure, but I promise I will set the books aside to keep the writing going.

Shout out to Jennifer James, thanks so much for the friendship and the advice!  Keep up your good work and talk to you soon!  And to Stephanie Nelson, Tammy Blackwell, and Michelle Leighton for letting me pick your brains a bit, it was a big help!


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