Wednesday, March 1, 2017

REVIEW: Claimed by Jennifer Chance


Brash, extreme-adventure loving Nicki Clark has never met a mountain she couldn’t conquer. Until she runs headlong into Stefan Mihal, the kingdom of Garronia’s gorgeous, icy cool, uber-sophisticated diplomat who thinks she’s the most inappropriate woman on the planet. Whatever.

So when the royal family asks Nicki to team up with Mr. Icecube on an impromptu mission across Garronia’s borders, she braces for a long, frigid, knockdown-dragout fight to stay on top.

She’s half right.

Aristocratic to the core, Stefan is furious to be assigned the fiercely independent Nicki as his cover for a top-secret reconnaissance mission into enemy territory. She drives him to distraction with her passion, her defiance - and her unexpected vulnerability that threatens both his focus and his sanity.

Then a shocking revelation blows open the clandestine op, endangering their lives and the future of Garronia, and Stefan risks everything to keep Nicki safe. Because no matter the cost, no matter the danger, this mission won’t be over until he’s claimed her for his own.

Title:  Claimed
Series:  Gowns & Crowns
Book #: 3
Author:  Jennifer Chance
Approximate Book Length:  202 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Moderate


First of all, this book should absolutely be read in order. The romance is contained in one book, but the overall story arc spans all the books. This particular romance is good, but the plot drags a little in the beginning. So the health issue is super predictable, but the story is great. There were some other things I didn’t exactly see coming. I love the potential for book 4 and can’t wait!

Bottom Line:

Claimed is another enchanting chapter in a series that feels like a fairytale to begin with. It’s an awesome read full of addicting characters.



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