MOVIE REVIEW: 50 Shades of Grey

I watched this when it came out on DVD via Netflix, just for the sake of seeing it and comparing it to the books. I forgot to write and post it at the time though, but am finally remembering to do so now. I felt even worse about the movie than I did about the book:

I have trouble even figuring out where to start. Honestly, I think I’m just going to toss all my thoughts out there. There was too much reading instead of watching between their texts and IMs and it’s so obnoxious. The soft core porn aspect isn’t too bad, but even that gets boring by the third scene/montage. The characters are just as stupid on the screen as they were in the books. They don’t even have some of the cutesy stuff they occasionally had in the books. Boo on the hilariously cheesy “Hallelujah” type music for one of their playroom sessions. It’s also horribly unrealistic to ever expect a partner to change drastically. The love in the books makes more sense than the movie – and that’s saying something! I knew there would be sequels (there were after all three books), but holy bad ending Batman! The rest is just as bad as the books, though it’s admittedly slightly worse seeing it as a live action story rather than just reading about it. It’s hard not to rage about the book while talking about the movie, especially since my problem with both is the same: he’s a twisted, abusive, screw-up and she’s a moron for staying. Sometimes you just can’t help but watch the train wreck…that being said, I’m not seeing the undoubtedly terrible sequels when they’re released.