Wednesday, October 15, 2014

REVIEW: Colors or Us by Sandra Bunino


Everything she knew to be true fell apart. Then fell apart again…

Michelle Willis is running from her past. What better place to hide than in the anonymity of New York City. Finding refuge in a tiny SoHo art gallery, she rebuilds her life one painting at a time.

A wrong turn sends Hunter McAvery on a crash course with disaster. He fights his own demons by following his big brother’s lead—drinking and bed-hopping his way through Manhattan.

A glance at Michelle’s self-portrait triggers emotions Hunter can’t tamp down. Driven to meet the artist, he discovers a fiery chemistry as their lives collide. But when their pasts threaten to tear them apart, can their love survive?

Title:  Colors of Us
Series:  McAvery Brothers
Book #: 1
Author:  Sandra Bunino
Approximate Book Length:  186 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Moderate


This story was a little on the slow side, but that does mean that the romance wasn’t in any way rushed. Their pasts were a little anticlimactic compared to how much the mystery was built up, but compelling none the less. The art (one project in particular) is very vivid and really comes to life in your mind – helping everything else to do so as well. The setting is very clear and I feel like I could go to New York and visit it myself. The ending is awesome, sexy, and fun, and definitely leaves room for more. I look forward to Alex’s story and meeting Liam. I guess my only complaint is that it was a little too slow.

Bottom Line:

Colors of Us is a sweet and satisfying read with down to Earth characters that will have you itching to visit the nearest pub just to feel close to the story. Don’t miss this one!



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