REVIEW: Reluctant Revenge by Xandra James

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.***


Nash was bound to her completely – by a blood connection and a deep desire. An Enforcer for the Supranormal community, he was obligated to protect the sexy assignment from those who coveted her future Angelic abilities, but can he forgive the woman whose family had devastated his world? Sienna, upon the realization she'd been betrayed by her family for keeping her birthright a secret, seeks solace in the arms of her surly and reluctant protector; a demon hybrid with a secret of his own. Can she come to terms with her destiny after discovering that she could be as dangerous as those Nash was protecting her from?


The book starts off with action and comes off as very intriguing. The suspense over what is going on is kind of fun at first, but quickly becomes somewhat frustrating. Over time, things honestly just got pretty confusing, and even though we do get some revelations, they’re not enough to completely alleviate that confusion.

The characters were didn’t feel very well developed. Nash comes off as a pretty big jerk, so much so that he nearly gets Sienna killed, and Sienna is the constant damsel in distress type of heroine. Their connection, while they both noticed each other’s looks in the beginning, is based mostly on the blood bond they share making the chemistry feel artificial. The love scenes didn’t feel compelling enough to fully hold my attention and the emotional involvement in the relationship was more narrated than shown through interaction which made it feel shallow and forced.

The ending of the book was very predictable, quick making it feel a tad anticlimactic, and abrupt. I thought there could definitely have been more than where the book leaves off. Ultimately it just didn’t strike me as a very captivating story with lovable characters, leaving me feeling fairly let down upon finishing it.