Saturday, June 7, 2014

REVIEW: Hump in the Night by Nephylim

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.***


House of Erotica brings you five gay erotic stories from the creative mind of Nephylim. Aster is a vampires looking for someone. When he finds Kia his plan is to fuck him and drain him, but Kia has other ideas. Recognising Aster as the man he’s been waiting for, he turns the tide and seduces him, shocking him with secrets from the past. Together, they enter into an encounter that blows their minds and changes their lives forever. Lucien is a werewolf. He’s always known he’s different. Definitely not an Alpha like his father. More akin to the bitches than the muscular Beta’s or lithe hunters he finds himself drawn to. When the enigmatic lone wolf arrives, with his pure white hair and ice blue eyes, Lucien is lost at first glance. After a burning hot dream he finally submits to the dominant male destined to be his mate for life. Dema and Meri’el are an unlikely coupling. In the final war against good and evil they find themselves on opposing sides. Dema the demon and Meri’el the son of the King of Angels. Drugging each other with their bodies they unleash the primal fury of their true natures and rock the foundations of the earth and the heavens. Grey doesn’t believe in curses. When he uncovers a cavern deep under the mountain feared by the villagers as a faery tomb, he scoffs at the superstition, until he meets a stranger who lures him into the wood. A steamy encounter in a forest glade has him wondering if being cursed is such a bad thing after all. Shay is mourning the death of his soul mate, tormented by the fact he’d never told him how much he loved him. A knife in the back in a dark alley steals his chance to finally prove his commitment, until ghostly whisper in the same alley leads to a night of passion and the second chance both men crave, to finally find peace.


All the stories seem to have an element of pain mixed with pleasure, but not enough of it to really be considered BDSM (at least not more than very mild), nor is it enough to really turn you off if you don’t like that kind of thing. Other than that, each story is completely different to give any paranormal fan a taste of everything.

Dance With Me is an interesting and kind of a sweet vampire story, but I was a little disconnected from the emotional investment required to truly appreciate it because of the way it was written. The excessive use of “he” is very disorienting because both characters are male and we might see through each of their perspectives in the same paragraph.

Lone Wolf is indeed a werewolf story. I like werewolf stories a lot, as I’ve become a big shifter fan of late, but the partial shift during sex is a big turn off for me. This is also the story where the most pain is involved with their pleasure. Other than some minor editing issues, that’s really my only complaint as it was honestly a pretty swoony story.

Son of Angels revolves around angels and demons. This was my favorite story in the collection! It’s intense and creative, and while it’s a little bit Romeo and Juliet themed, it has a MUCH better ending!

That’s Where He Died starts off sad and depressing actually, but it’s a story about a second chance. I adored the connection between the characters and the teasing, and it’s such an emotional story that I teared up.

The Curse is probably the most haunting story, though not in a scary or bad way. I don’t know whether to call it a ghost story or a mummy story, but regardless it was sexy and mysterious.

Overall, an enthralling read if for no other reason than the various uses of creativity in the paranormal world. This author has definitely written some interesting works and I’d have no problem reading more!

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