Saturday, November 2, 2013

REVIEW: Marooned with the Millionaire by Sandra Bunino

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.***

***These books have been combined into one called Marooned with the Millionaire since these reviews were written.***


A nasty storm knocking out the power strands to strangers in a hotel. Stephanie decides to take advantage of it thinking that a hot one night stand is what she needs to get a clean break from her past. However, after they part, Jason and their night together haunt her thoughts. Maybe they could try getting another taste…


We start off with both parties at a hotel, where they promptly get stuck on an elevator when the power goes out. This gets them introduced and we play voyeur as they spend a single night together. That one night leaves a lasting impression on them both, but Jason and Stephanie certainly have a few obstacles to overcome if they want to explore the passion they’ve shared and experience more out of a relationship than what they’ve gotten in the past.

Having had only one night to worry about, they’ve both kept their secrets, but if they want to meet again, they’re going to have to address the lies and get to know each other better. This will be a lot easier to do with 5 whole days alone. The book leaves us aching for more when the last thing we see is Jason and Stephanie reuniting at a hotel bar, where he discovers a spicy little secret she had no hope of keeping.

It’s a fairly short story, but well done. The character development is present, the plot well paced, and is enjoyable all around, leaving me itching for the sequel, which I believe is due out later this year.

This is a romantic novella that is sexy as hell and leaves you aching for the sequel.


Lingering memories of their time in Miami, Jason and Stephanie make plans to meet in Vegas to further explore their chemistry and spend more time getting to know each other. Not all goes to plan when Jason’s ex shows up. No one could have imagined where their Vegas trip would lead them!


I really enjoyed Marooned in Miami, and was so excited for the conclusion to Jason and Stephanie’s story. They had such chemistry in the first one, and for a novella, such depth of character. This continuation keeps up that same quality! We get even more insight into their fears, their desires, and of course we get more of their bold, insatiable lust for each other.

True to the beginning of their story, there was dual layered conflict here with Jason’s ex showing up and causing loads of trouble, and naturally Jason’s and Stephanie’s own inner fears and insecurities wreaking havoc. Their growing love, their emotional struggles, and how they cope with all the trouble is just heart-warming. I love a happy ending, and boy do they get theirs!

Lusted in Las Vegas is a sweet and sensual love story between two formerly broken hearts. The connection between the characters is strong and fiery and just makes them feel so real. Jason and Stephanie are unforgettable, and I recommend any contemporary romance fan go read about their journey!

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