Thursday, May 9, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Paranormal Properties by Tracy Lane

Thanks to Bewitching Book Tours for hosting this blog tour. I have Tracy Lane here talking about her book Paranormal Properties. Welcome!


Hello everyone! My name is Tracy Lane and I am very happy to be here. I live in Kissimmee Florida with my two children and our dog Marley.

I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I was an avid reader, absorbing as many books as I could while growing up. To be able to create those worlds was a passion that took me many years to accomplish. Now I have Paranormal Properties to share with all of you.

The characters in my book are all a part of my heart. Frank Barrone, the lounge singer who had the ladies swooning and all the men wishing they were him. I think he is my favorite. I may even be a little in love with him myself. After all he is the perfect man if you don’t count the fact he is dead and still walking around as a ghost.

Jake Weir, the sweet 14 year old boy who loves his parents unconditionally as they go around the country chasing ghosts for their cable show Paranormal Properties. Jake is a bit of a skeptic, that is until he meets Frank.

Tank, Jake’s friend, fits right in with the rest of them. She always has Jake’s back and would do anything for him. Even go into a haunted house to investigate. She’s one of the good ones.

Jake’s parents, Dennis and Stephanie Weir are almost like teenagers themselves. They get very excited over the prospect of getting evidence of ghosts for their cable show. You can’t blame them, ghosts do exist right? Just ask Jake, or maybe Frank will show up to convince you.

I am now working on another Young Adult book called Entwined Courage. The young girl Aurora meets her prince only to find out her prince got them in a bit of trouble with an evil mage that he was assistant too. Their adventures and struggles will keep you spellbound, forgive the pun. A little danger mixed with some romance. I am hoping to have it done in a couple of months.

It was a pleasure being here and thank you for letting me tell you about myself and my characters. I hope you enjoyed learning about them. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them. Have a great day!


About the Author
I was fascinated with the paranormal when I was very young. I always felt like someone was around me even when I was alone. It caused me to be inspired to write a paranormal book where a teenager can see and hear ghosts and actually makes friends with one.

I use to love to write short stories in school and always wanted to be a writer. But raising children and working jobs I just could not find the time to indulge my passion. Then my children grew up and I ended up having two teenagers at home who did not need as much attention from me. I started toying with the idea of writing once again. So setting aside 5 to 10 minutes per day to write at least one page I could end up with a book a year. Now Paranormal Properties is published and I have a list of 8 more books to write. I don't think I"ll be slowing down anytime soon.

Find the author:

Paranormal Properties

Jake Weir, while on the set of his parents ghost hunting TV show, agrees to help a ghost investigate a 61 year-old murder.

Jake Weir is not like the other kids in Dusk, North Carolina. Then again, Dusk, North Carolina is not like other cities. Known as one of the most haunted cities in America, behind Salem, Massachusetts and New Orleans, Louisiana, Dusk is ground zero for Jake's ghost hunting parents.

The Weir family has arrived in Dusk eager to scope out some of the town's 127 reported "paranormal properties," which just happens to be the name of their own ghost hunting show: Paranormal Properties. What Jake doesn't know, and what his parents could never imagine, is that Jake can see ghosts! And hear them. And talk back to them! This talent comes in handy when he runs into Dusk's oldest, most famous ghost: one Frank Barrone, a one-time lounge singer made famous by his booze-soaked ballad, "Barroom Eyes."

Frank was gunned down by a local mobster in 1951 and has been searching for his killer ever since. When he learns that Jake can see and hear him, Frank makes young Jake a deal: if Jake will help Frank find his killer, Frank will help his parents find a ghost to film for their upcoming Halloween Special on Public Access Channel #319. Jake enlists the only friend he's made in Dusk, an overweight tomboy nicknamed "Tank," to help him track down Frank's killer. As clues emerge and old leads heat up, Frank and Jake learn they make quite a team. But will Jake find Frank's killer? And will Frank find a real haunted house in time for Halloween?

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  1. the book sounds interesting

  2. I loved Paranormal Properties and do not blame Lane for being a little smitten by Frank herself. I liked all of her characters and found the book charming. I especially enjoyed the glimpse into the early 1900's lounge scene. A great read.